Video: Afton Halloran, Elene Shatberashvili, Dmitry Kostarov discuss sustainable food systems transition

27.05.2021 (Caucasian Journal). Today at Caucasian Journal we are talking about sustainable food systems: The Nordic experience and its applicability for Georgia. Our guests are Dr. Afton HALLORAN, a Denmark-based expert in sustainable food systems transition, Elene SHATBERASHVILI from Elkana Biological Farming Association, and Dr.  Dmitry KOSTAROV, head of agricultural television channel Saperavi TV and independent winemaker. 

The interview is available in video format with Georgian subtitles, and as text. You may view the video discussion below. 

The full text of this interview is also available in English and Georgian:
▶ ქართულად: The Georgian text version is here.
▶ English text version is here.

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Full text versions: Read the Georgian translation hereRead the English original here

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 appreciates kind support of Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tbilisi in preparation of this interview.

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