Neli ODISHVILI: "There is a bit of cyberspace in all of us... Discover it with Israel-Georgia School of Digital Culture!"

16.02.2022 (
Caucasian Journal) What is a School of Digital Culture? And, by the way, what is digital culture? Why does anybody need a diploma to certify one’s digital “cultural level”? 
Our today's guest Neli ODISHVILI from Israel-Georgia School of Digital Culture is going to answer.

Alexander KAFFKA, editor-in-chief of CJ:  Dear Neli, welcome to Caucasian Journal. When we heard about the launch of Israel-Georgia School of Digital Culture, we instantly thought we must cover this project, and I wish to thank our friend, the Israeli Ambassador Ran Gidor, for his kind help and an exclusive comment, which can be found below. Let me start with this: Have you ever dreamed about starting your own school, and how do you feel about it now? 

Neli ODISHVILI: First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your interest and willingness to provide the reader with comprehensive information about Israel-Georgia School of Digital Culture. Initially, it should be mentioned that implementing a project of such importance and comprehensive influence is an immense responsibility. I have always been passionately inspired by the idea to establish digital culture in Georgia and raise young generations awareness regarding a concept that describes the set of infinite capacities given from the digital world. For the last few years, inspired by this idea, I have been dreaming to make small mental shifts in Georgia, but launching  Israel-Georgia School of Digital Culture will definitely be not only a small shift but a whole mental revolution with the beginning of a fundamental transformation of approaches regarding how young generation should be educated.

AK:  Can you tell more about yourself, and how did you get involved? 

Video: Kristina MÄND and Kristina REINSALU from e-Governance Academy discuss e-democracy

15.02.2022 (Caucasian Journal). Today at Caucasian Journal we are talking about e-government and e-democracy. Our guests from e-Governance Academy (eGA) in Estonia are Kristina MÄND, Senior Expert on e-Democracy, and Dr. Kristina REINSALU, Programme Director at eGA. They kindly agreed to meet with CJ during recent visit to Tbilisi. 
You may view the video discussion below.  

This video interview is also available in Georgian and Armenian versions:

▶ ქართულად: Video subtitled in Georgian is here.

▶ Հայերեն: 
Video subtitled in Armenian is here.

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Video: Watch the first Georgian "Nordic Talk" on clean energy education

06.02.2022 (Caucasian Journal). The first "Georgian" Nordic Talk was organized in the end of 2021 by Caucasian Journal. It focused on clean energy and high school education, in particular on university exchange between Norway and Georgia - two “hydropower nations”.   

Today we are pleased to present the video summary of our 2 days' international discussion. 

▶ ქართულად: Read the Georgian version here.

What is a Nordic Talk? It is a series of live talks and podcasts addressing the biggest global challenges, organized internationally with support of the Nordic Council.

To our first Georgian Nordic Talk we invited everyone interested in green energy, hydropower, or international student exchange programs.

Our discussion focusing on clean energy education was entitled "How to make maximum of Nordic clean energy knowledge? Case of Norway and Georgia – two “hydropower nations”.

The discussion is now available with Georgian subtitles. You are welcome to watch it below. To be first to view all our exclusive video interviews, please subscribe here to our YouTube Channel.