Study in Sweden: Fully funded scholarship for South Caucasus applicants

27.10.2022 (Caucasian Journal). The call for applications for the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals  is open to citizens from 41 eligible countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

The SI Scholarship for Global Professionals aims to develop future global leaders that will contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to sustainable development. The applicants should have a clear idea of how their education will contribute to the sustainable development of their home countries and regions. In 2023 the Swedish Institute will grant about 350 scholarships for master’s degree studies in Sweden.

The scholarship is intended for full-time, one- or two-year master’s programme, and is funded by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The Swedish Institute open the call for applications once every year for master’s studies beginning in the autumn semester. 

All expenses of the scholarship including tuition fees, tickets, stipend, medical insurance will be covered by the Swedish Government. The complete details and application requirements for the SI Scholarships 2023 are available at official site

Vladimer SVANADZE: "Protection of critical infrastructure suffers from severe shortage of skilled specialists"

10.10.2022 (Caucasian Journal) What is cybersecurity and how can it affect your life and work? Many people are aware about challenges of cybersecurity, but many others don’t care until getting into a serious trouble. What’s the situation in Georgia in the field of cybersecurity and internet governance? Are we well protected as individuals? What are the threats to business, and is there a connection to military security? 

This October is European Cybersecurity Month, so we thought it’s a good moment to discuss this theme with a top professional and are grateful to Vladimer SVANADZE for the interview. 

Vladimer Svanadze is Chairman of the Board at Internet Development Initiative (IDI). Being a leading Georgia’s expert in cyber security, he is Managing Partner of Cyber Security Academy (CSA) and Georgian Information Security Association (GISA). He was a chief advisor of Ministry of Defense of Georgia on cyber security, and participated in preparation of the National Cybersecurity Strategies and Action Plans of Georgia. He is the Chairperson of the “Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Committee” at the ICC Georgia. 

▶ ქართულად: Read the Georgian version here.

Alexander KAFFKA, editor-in-chief of CJ: Dear Lado, welcome to Caucasian Journal! I guess you know there are still people who don’t care about cybersecurity – believe it or not. Why don’t we start by saying a few words to such individuals? Can you make them instantly alert and aware? Maybe there are examples that you can use as illustrations for our readers, most of whom are simple users, not experts in IT.

Vladimer SVANADZE: Thank you very much for the invitation. The fact that many people do not understand cyber security and its importance is natural, and a common computer user, so-called “end user” does not need to understand this field at a professional level. It is necessary for the user of internet services to know and follow the minor rules, even the requirements related to the correct operation of the internet, as end-users have to master the basic cyber hygiene skills, which help them to be as safe as possible in cyberspace. Protected as much as possible, and not 100% protected, because 100% protection is impossible, and no one can guarantee it.