Video: Watch our international "Nordic Talk" on waste management

29.09.2022 (Caucasian Journal). The first Nordic Talk involving Sweden and Norway as well as Armenia and Georgia took place on September 2. Hosted by Caucasian Journal in Tbilisi, the Nordic Talk focused on ways for improving the Nordic assistance programs in Armenia and Georgia, looking in particular at the case of the waste management sector. It also focused on grassroots initiatives in this area and what governments could learn from civil society.

Today we are pleased to present the video summaries of our  international discussion - now available in original (English), as well as with subtitles in Armenian and Georgian. 

▶ Հայերեն: Video subtitled in Armenian is here.

▶ ქართულად: Video subtitled in Georgian is here.

What is a Nordic Talk? It is a series of live talks and podcasts addressing the biggest global challenges, organized internationally with support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. 

This session of the Nordic Talks discussed how to benefit from the experience of Nordic partners in engaging civil society partners to improve public policy outcomes in the waste sector. Both Georgia and Armenia have cooperated with Nordic countries, including in the field of waste governance. We have invited experts from all 4 countries as well as leaders if many environmental NGOs, which have programs related to waste management. It is not very common for waste management experts from neighboring Georgia and Armenia to join in discussing the problems of region, while participation of Norwegian and Swedish experts has made the event even more unique. A special angle of discussion was feedback from environmental NGOs.

Tinatin BREGVADZE: "We have to diligently work to build the political culture in this country"

27.09.2022 (Caucasian Journal) We continue with the interviews with Georgia's leading political experts, heads of think-tanks, and other non-governmental organizations. 

Our today’s guest is Tinatin BREGVADZE, Chair of the Board of Georgian Center for Strategy and Development (GCSD). 

Alexander KAFFKA, editor-in-chief of CJ: Dear Tinatin, you are very welcome to Caucasian Journal! May I start by asking you to briefly introduce the Georgian Center for Strategy and Development? How did you get into working there? 

Tinatin BREGVADZE: GCSD is a non-partisan and neutral organization. Our goals are to support Georgia’s national security, strengthening the principles of effective and democratic governance of the country, supporting its European and Euro-Atlantic integration and creating the conditions for Georgia’s sustainable development. We are not a watchdog organization and based on the goals, our activities include: research, policy analysis, consulting and development.