Founded in January 2019, Caucasian Journal celebrates 5 years in 2024. We thought that the best way to celebrate is to offer more news and information to our respected readers. 

That's why this year we have started Caucasian Journal GOOD NEWS, which, as we hope, is a useful addition to our main content. Here are some reasons why to follow our new newsfeed:
  • They save your time. The news are very brief, and well illustrated. In most cases you don't even need to read, as the images are self-explanatory;
  • They help to save your good mood. We do our best to emphasize the positive developments, arts, culture, and other fun sides of life;
  • We publish them on a daily basis!
The best way to read GOOD NEWS is in our social networks, such as our new WhatsApp channel and Telegram channel (please subscribe and share). After appearing in WhatsApp and Telegram, the GOOD NEWS show up in our Facebook and LinkedIn feeds, which you are also welcome to follow. And, if you prefer even shorter texts, you may subscribe to our X (former Twitter) or Instagram

We do not use bots, tricks, or commercial ads to build up our readership, so if you like our information, please take a minute to share and invite your friends and contacts to our channels. 

Of course, our main content remains the same - that's our exclusive interviews, which appear here - on our main online platform. They appear as text or video, and many are translated to Georgian and Armenian. All the direct links to our main interviews are also immediately posted to our multiple social channels.

We are proud to report a very high professional level of our speakers, who include members of parliaments, ambassadors, ministers, NGO leaders, company CEOs, academics, top-raking military officials. 

Since launch in 2019 Caucasian Journal has published over 100 exclusive one-to-one and multi-speaker interviews involving international experts and their Georgian and Armenian counterparts. Our speakers are top-level experts in their respective fields, including leaders of such organizations as UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank, USAid, NDI, Aspen Institute, Alliance for Securing Democracy, and many others.

In particular, CJ discussed models for NATO cooperation with 2 former ministers of defense (Norwegian and Georgian, in a video format) and the Commander of U.S. Army Europe - retired Lieutenant General,  the Eastern Partnership – with EaP’s top officergender issues – with a female MP from Finlandand the national minority problems – with a Georgian NGO leader and Estonian party leader (in a video format).

CJ interviews were produced in various formats (text, video), and published in several languages: English, Georgian, and Armenian. All are conveniently listed hereMany were republished by other mass media, see here.

CJ has also organized two public events “CJ MeetUp” focusing on: Gender equality, education quality, road safety ( For the first time in South Caucasus, in 2022 and 2023 CJ has organized two “Nordic Talks” involving Georgia on SDG-related themes (see: and )

More interesting content is about to come this year! 

Thank you, dear readers, we are working for you.

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