Caucasian Journal's Nordic and Baltic Interviews: Two Years of Success

06.01.2022 (Caucasian Journal). Happy New Year to all the readers of Caucasian Journal! 

Almost two years ago we started a program of interviews "BEST NORDIC AND BALTIC PRACTICE" (BNBP) with high-level practitioners from Western Europe who share their knowledge in areas relevant to our region. 

BNBP has proved to be very successful, and we are happy to tell this program will continue in 2022, bringing you more speakers, more expertise, and more new themes of importance. Those who are interested in BNBP interviews are welcome to review our presentation, which summarizes the first two stages of our project. And in addition, a regularly updated list of interviews is available here

We are proud to report a very high professional level of our speakers, who include members of parliaments, ambassadors, ministers, NGO heads, company CEOs, academics, and army generals. Many of our interviews are multilingual (English, Georgian, Armenian) and multi-format (text articles and videos). 

 We have published bilingual interviews with over 25 speakers from Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Georgia, Denmark, Finland, and Latvia.

BNBP Program aims at propagation of best practices and experiences the Nordic and Baltic countries, and dialogues between Western experts and our region’s counterparts. It started with an interview on the Estonia's school education reform with Gunda Tire. Later we have published bilingual interviews with over 25 speakers from Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Georgia, Denmark, Finland, and Latvia. 

In particular, we discussed models for NATO cooperation with 2 former ministers of defense (Norwegian and Georgian, in a video format), Eastern Partnership – with EaP’s top officer, gender issues – with a female MP from Finland, and the national minority problems – with a Georgian NGO leader and Estonian party leader (in a video format).  In the presentation you may find the direct links to all the interviews.

BNBP and other CJ interviews are an ongoing process, leading to development of cooperation links in many fields between the experts and NGOs, on a wide variety of issues from democracy to gender equality, to sustainable food, to SDGs, minorities’ rights, and startup policies. 

We have managed to broaden our reach by adding Georgian and Armenian translations, and offering versions of Caucasian Journal in these two languages. We are working to raise additional funds to add the Azerbaijani version this year, which would allow CJ to become the first information platform to offer content in all South Caucasian languages, in addition to English. 

We wish to thank the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Embassy of Estonia in Tbilisi, the Roving Ambassador of Finland for the South Caucasus, the Embassy of Sweden in Tbilisi, and the Swedish Institute for support and helpful cooperation.

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