Association "Wine Artisans" and artisan winemakers condemn "Russian Law"

14.04.2024 (Caucasian Journal). Georgia's Association "Wine Artisans" and artisan winemakers published a statement condemning the controversial bill on transparency of foreign influence, resubmitted by the parliamentary majority earlier this month. This statement is republished below. Association "Wine Artisans" is headed by Andro Barnovi, member of the Advisory Board of Caucasian Journal.

Association "Wine Artisans" and artisan winemakers condemn "Russian Law"
NO to the Russian law! NO to the traitor Government!

Although we do not represent political organizations, part of the Georgian artisan winemakers made it usual for the public that we are always one of the first to state our firm position on important political or social issues for the country.

Now, we would like to add our voice to the honorable part of our fellow citizens who condemn the current government's obvious betrayal of their country and people. We would like to add our voice to the people fighting for freedom and declare that we know for sure:

The government-initiated law, which has been, quite rightly, called "Russian law" for a long time:
  • undermines the independence of Georgia and the freedoms of our citizens
  • It is a hypocritical project, dictated by the personal interests of some, and motivated by neglecting the interests of the country
  • It is a provocation carried out by the direct directive of the occupant Russian Federation
  • Has nothing to do with the interest of transparency hypocritically promoted by the government
  • It is intended to intimidate and subjugate the most active citizens of our country
  • It is defamatory in its terminology when they want to call the spreaders of Western culture "agents of a foreign influence"
  • It is aimed at confusing society and abolishing the state.

This draft law and the vicissitudes related to it reveal the hostile character of the government, which is a traitor to its people, a servant of foreign interests, an ambush against its society, and completely foreign to Georgia.

Every day of this government's rule is a great threat to our country. They lost all moral rights to be called the government of Georgia. This government should resign immediately!

We encourage everyone to express publicly their clear position. It is common sense and a clear mind to overcome this swamp and create a bright future!

Association "Wine Artisans" and Fellow Wine Artisans:

Andro Barnovi
Tsotne Japaridze - Wine of Freedom
Nini Chkheidze - Simonika, Chkheidze Wine
Lasha Sopromadze - Gaioz Sopromadze Winery
Nukri Kurdadze - Papari Valley
Shio Maisuradze – Arbo’s Winery
Vazha Kasrelishvili – Family winery Gebrale
Gogita Makaridze - Makaridze Winery
Keto Puturidze
Arkady Robakidze - Kirile
Giorgi Mkhatvrishvili - Wine Cellar Kvevriseuli
Vladimir Nachkebia
Tamar Bochorishvilli  - Rocho Vineyards
Keto Ninidze - family cellar "Oda"
Daria Kholodilina – winemaker, wine blogger
Gia Chubinidze - Winery "Nanua"
Natia Chekurishvili - White Mulberry
Giorgi Aivazian - Manavi Wines
Nika Bakhia - Winery Nika
Giorgi Paroshin - Georgian Wine Boutique
Tako Zhuruli - Zhuka- Sano Winery
Zurab Sanodze - Zhuka Sano's Cellar
Nika Vacheishvili's Wine Cellar
Tamar Pataridze - Pataridze's Rachuli
Kathy Hubert - Winery TILISMA
Marina Kurtanidze -
Beso Karabaki - Kapito Winery
Manana Akhvlediani - Madam Wine
Archil Guniava - Archil Guniava's Wine Cellar
Nino Guniava - Archil Guniava's Wine Cellar
Vakhtang Guniava - Archil Guniava's Wine Cellar
Mariam Guniava - Mariam Guniava's Wine Cellar
Alexi Tsikhelishvili - Tsikhelishvili Winery
Niko Totladze - Two Pitchers
Aleko Sardanashvili's Wine Cellar
Shmagi Avalishvili - Avalishvili Cellar
Misha Dolidze – Kasreli Wine Cellar
Ana Cheishvili - wine history scholar
Giorgi Gerliani – Malati Wine Cellar
Lile Maglaferidze
Giorgi Chiteishvili
Luka Alughishvili - Kumbati Winery
Mariam Chkhvirkia -
Rati Ratiani - Ratiani Winery
Tea Sturua - Small Wine Cellar
Miranda Chkhetiani – Miranda’s Wine
Lasha Guruli – Enkeni Wine Cellar
Besik Sabashvili - Winery Euphoria
Giorgi Malatsidze – Tedzami Wine Cellar
Fabio Bolognese - Inavarde Wines
Shorena Bochorishvili – Rotcho’s Vineyard
John Wurdeman - Pheasant Tears
Gia Togonidze - Togonidze Winery
Kakha Berishvili – Artanuli Wine

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