Opportunity for U.S. media outlets: Free travel and professional development in Georgia or Ukraine

IREX is seeking U.S. broadcasters, print media, and digital media to partner with Georgian and Ukrainian stations by participating in the Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP) and Ukraine Media Partnership Program (UMPP).

IREX implements these initiatives with funding from the U.S. embassies in Tbilisi and Kiev.

GMPP and UMPP support partnerships between Georgian and American media outlets as well as Ukrainian and American media outlets through exchange trips that include individual on-site and online peer-sharing, consulting, coaching, mentoring, and job shadowing.

By visiting the countries of Georgia or Ukraine and, in turn, hosting Georgians or Ukrainians in the US, American TV station staff will engage in international coaching, hone their communication and teaching skills, broaden their horizons, share best practices of broadcasting with the local stations overseas, and experience the hospitality and culture of Eastern Europe.

Over the course of the year, the American station will send staff members to Georgia or Ukraine to engage in hands-on practical trainings, then host Georgian or Ukrainian media professionals. Each partnership occurs over the course of 12–18 months. A partnership includes 4 one-week visits, 2 visits to Georgia or Ukraine by the U.S. partners, and 2 visits to the U.S. by the Georgian and Ukrainian partners. If needed, visits can be condensed.

IREX staff based in Washington, DC, Tbilisi, and Kyiv provide logistical support, management, and oversight of the visits, and ensure high-quality translation services during exchange visits in both countries.

Financial Support

IREX covers all costs of domestic and international travel and lodging, as well as translators’ fees and cultural activities both in the U.S. and in Georgia and Ukraine.

Station employees making the trips to Georgia and Ukraine also receive a modest per-diem to cover their meals and incidental costs.

Program Eligibility

All U.S. broadcasters, print media, and digital media are welcome to apply for this opportunity. In particular, GMPP and UMPP are looking for civic-minded broadcasters who are interested in providing their staff international exposure and willing to contribute to the development of independent media in Europe, by sharing experience in:

  • News/production
  • Digital/mobile
  • Online/new media
  • Promotion
  • Marketing/sales
  • Investigative reporting
  • Business strategic management
  • Application Instructions

To apply for this opportunity, please e-mail Sarah Bushman at sbushman@irex.org. In your message, please provide brief information about your media outlet (market size, staff size, technical capacity, and description of in-house programming or content) and your motivation for participating in the media exchange program.


Email: sbushman@irex.org
Phone: 202-628-8188