Mission statement:

The Caucasian Journal’s goal is to create an effective and impartial forum for constructive dialogue on significant issues relevant to the South Caucasian region, where a broad range of opinions can be expressed and heard, and effective solutions can be worked out. Caucasian Journal (“CJ”) will be a combination of an online publication, and a nonpartisan public discussion platform. The journal project is seen as an effective way to assist in civil society development in the region of South Caucasus.

The organizers believe that a multilingual online project is the most effective and cost-efficient mechanism in terms of public engagement, putting special emphasis on delivery of messages to the target audiences, and interactivity.

What we offer to our readers and partners:

  • CJ aims to assist the civil society by publishing all relevant content – such as interviews, summaries of research findings and analytical papers, and promoting them to a wider audience. All organizations are welcome to submit relevant content for publication in Caucasian Journal
  • We are open to publishing materials in English, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani languages.
  • We are interested in publishing texts as well as video content.
  • We attach top importance to the impact of publications, and put an emphasis on interactivity - feedbacks, social networking, and wider public outreach. Most importantly, CJ aims to make its content available in all regional languages and across the borders of South Caucasian countries, strengthening cooperation and contacts between the three neigbouring states of the region.

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