Video: Kristina MÄND and Kristina REINSALU from e-Governance Academy discuss e-democracy

15.02.2022 (Caucasian Journal). Today at Caucasian Journal we are talking about e-government and e-democracy. Our guests from e-Governance Academy (eGA) in Estonia are Kristina MÄND, Senior Expert on e-Democracy, and Dr. Kristina REINSALU, Programme Director at eGA. They kindly agreed to meet with CJ during recent visit to Tbilisi. 
You may view the video discussion below.  

This video interview is also available in Georgian and Armenian versions:

▶ ქართულად: Video subtitled in Georgian is here.

▶ Հայերեն: 
Video subtitled in Armenian is here.

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Caucasian Journal appreciates kind support of Estonian Embassy in Tbilisi in preparation of this interview.

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