Video: Watch the first Georgian "Nordic Talk" on clean energy education

06.02.2022 (Caucasian Journal). The first "Georgian" Nordic Talk was organized in the end of 2021 by Caucasian Journal. It focused on clean energy and high school education, in particular on university exchange between Norway and Georgia - two “hydropower nations”.   

Today we are pleased to present the video summary of our 2 days' international discussion. 

▶ ქართულად: Read the Georgian version here.

What is a Nordic Talk? It is a series of live talks and podcasts addressing the biggest global challenges, organized internationally with support of the Nordic Council.

To our first Georgian Nordic Talk we invited everyone interested in green energy, hydropower, or international student exchange programs.

Our discussion focusing on clean energy education was entitled "How to make maximum of Nordic clean energy knowledge? Case of Norway and Georgia – two “hydropower nations”.

The discussion is now available with Georgian subtitles. You are welcome to watch it below. To be first to view all our exclusive video interviews, please subscribe here to our YouTube Channel.

Our distinguished speakers were:
  • Prof. Oddbjørn Bruland (Norway), Faculty of Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU);
  • Line Amlund Hagen (Norway), Managing Director of the International Centre for Hydropower;
  • Nana Imedashvili (Georgia), Ministry of economy and sustainable development;
  • Prof. Murman Margvelashvili (Georgia), Ilia State University;
  • Kirsten W. Westgaard (Norway), Programme Director, International Department, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate.
Georgian students also actively participated in discussion by Zoom from Georgia, Norway, Sweden.

Our idea for this Nordic Talk – the first one involving Norway and Georgia - was to talk about most efficient ways of sharing the Nordic knowledge to the benefit of other countries, especially on the SDG-related problems such as clean energy. As an example we take the hydropower engineering education exchange between Norway and Georgia.

A special angle of discussion was the feedback from the young people - aspiring and current exchange students: For instance, are they planning to go back to home countries after they get education in Norway?

Professor Oddbjørn Bruland:
We are really happy to have this collaboration now with Georgia - these students are very clever and engaged. So we are very happy to have them here.

The key issue addressed was improvement: We focused on practical suggestions, or what can be done to maximize the efficiency of Nordic countries’ education exchanges and other knowledge-sharing. Speaking about the ways to raise efficiency of the exchange programme, Professor Bruland from NTNU said: "A challenge is that the mass of applications is from few countries, as the main advertising of the program is through word of mouth."

We are quite satisfied that in the course of Nordic Talk a series of practical suggestions have been formulated, and they were initiated both by the speakers and the attending students. 

Kirsten Westgaard from Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate said,  in response to a proposal made by Prof. Murman Margvelashvili: "I think it is a very good idea to promote academic cooperation in Georgia and Norway, so we'll be happy to introduce you to people we know.  And an idea could be to have a commission who could look into various aspects of hydropower, and if you do that we can welcome you to study tours to Norway."

Shalva Abramishvili from Georgian State University noted: "A partnership in applied sciences is very important but also extremely important is partnership in fundamental sciences. I hope we will have a chance to work with glaciologists too because you have very good school of glaciology...  It's very important especially today at the time of global warming". This suggestion by Tbilisi-based student was welcomed by the Norwegian representatives, who thanked him for the valuable input. 

Caucasian Journal considers high quality education a fundamental priority, and hopes our first "Georgian" Nordic Talk would play a useful role in further development of this critical field. We would be thankful if our readers cooperate in sharing and reposting the video in Georgia. For international distribution, you may also use the version in English without subtitles: link

Caucasian Journal's Georgian-Norwegian Nordic Talk is featured in Nordic Talks website 

Caucasian Journal appreciates kind support of Nordic Council of Ministers in preparation of this event.

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