European competition welcomes performing art professionals from Armenia and Georgia

Perform Europe
08.01.2024 (Caucasian Journal) Are you - or a friend of yours - a performing arts professional living in Georgia, Armenia, or the rest of Europe? If yes, read on: This is an opportunity for you and your friends.  

Perform Europe, a European funding scheme supported by the European Union, has  launched an open call offering €2.1 million for performing arts partnerships to collaborate across borders within the 40 Creative Europe countries, including Armenia and Georgia.

The call is open to all performing arts professionals and organisations in Creative Europe countries. The applications should be submitted by partnerships with a minimum of three partners from three different Creative Europe countries. 

Applicants can apply for grants in three categories: €12,000, €32,000 or €60,000. The deadline for submitting applications is 31 March. To read full details and apply click here

The competition is open to projects in all genres of performing arts (excluding live music). The call invites partnerships to propose innovative touring ideas that can generate real change, with a focus on at least one of the Perform Europe priorities: inclusion and diversity and/or the fight against climate change

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