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Good News
As Caucasian Journal marks our 5th anniversary since launch, we thought that the best way to celebrate is to offer more news and information to our respected readers. 

That's why we have started Caucasian Journal GOOD NEWS, which, as we hope, is a useful addition to our main content. Here are some reasons why to follow our new newsfeed:
  • They save your time. The news are very brief, and well illustrated. In most cases you don't even need to read, as the images are self-explanatory;
  • They help to save your good mood. We do our best to emphasize the positive developments, arts, culture, and other fun sides of life;
  • We publish them on a daily basis!
The best way to read GOOD NEWS is in our social networks, such as our new WhatsApp channel and Telegram channel (please subscribe and share). After appearing in WhatsApp and Telegram, the GOOD NEWS show up in our Facebook and LinkedIn feeds, which you are also welcome to follow. And, if you prefer even shorter texts, you may subscribe to our X (former Twitter) or Instagram

We do not use bots, tricks, or commercial ads to build up our readership, so if you like our information, please take a minute to share and invite your friends and contacts to our channels. Thank you, we cover what matters - to you!

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