Up to €300,000 EU funding for literary translations – open to Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine

16.01.2024 (Caucasian Journal). The EU-funded Creative Europe programme has launched a call to support the translation, promotion and circulation of European literary works of fiction, including novels, poetry, comics etc. 

The scheme, with a total budget of €5 million, will provide funding for 40 projects.

Interested organisations can apply individually or as members of a consortium, with a minimum two eligible organisations. Works of fiction in languages from countries taking part in the Creative Europe programme, including Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine, are eligible. 

Applicants can apply with projects of different sizes, with these different ceilings for the number of books translated and funding received:
  • Small scale: projects proposing translation of up to 10 different books can receive up to €100,000;
  • Medium scale: projects proposing translation of up to 20 different books can receive up to €200,000;
  • Large scale: projects proposing translation of at least 21 different books can receive up to €300,000.

Each project must be based on a sound editorial and promotional strategy covering a package of at least five eligible works of fiction translated from and into the languages as detailed on the following page

The deadline for applications is 16 April. 

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