Laura THORNTON, Senior Director at NDI Georgia:
"Georgians increasingly believe the country is moving in the wrong direction"
Akaki MAMALADZE, Director of AiProduction on first electric cars in Caucasus: "Our childhood dreams come true"
Dirk WIESE, Member of German Bundestag:
10 year anniversary of the Eastern Partnership
Nicolas ILJINE, art consultant and curator:
"It is far more exciting to discover new art in the Caucasus"
ლორა თორნტონი, NDI / საქართველოს მისიის დირექტორი:
"საქართველოს მოქალაქეებმა ქალებისთის წამყვან პრობლემად ოჯახში ძალადობა დაასახელეს, ამას მოსდევს ადრეული ქორწინება და სექსუალური შევიწროვება"
Fady ASLY, Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Georgia): "Unfortunately Georgia has lost attractiveness for foreign investors"
Laura THORNTON, Senior Director at NDI Georgia:
"Georgians cited domestic violence as top problem, followed by early marriages, and sexual harassment"
Peter WIEBLER, Mission Director of USAID/Georgia:
"Georgian organizations can and will cope with challenges"
პიტერ ვიბლერი, USAID/საქართველოს მისიის დირექტორი: “ქართულ ორგანიზაციებს უნარი აქვთ გაუმკლავდნენ არსებულ გამოწვევებს”
Jiří SCHNEIDER, Executive Director of Aspen Institute Central Europe:
"Value of Aspen programs is in connecting people who want to change society"
Ambassador Zurab KATCHKATCHISHVILI, Secretary General of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Georgia):
"Most urgent matter is to free the Judiciary from political pressure"